Sunday, 3 March 2013

Donation received for Narendra Modi Posters

 on 26th Feb 2013 we update this status on our FB Page. 

Media is Not showing a single line on @NarendraModi Historical action. So we are Giving orders of 50,000 Posters to Spread this Historical Move in Whole Nation. Those who want to sponsor the posters, Please contact in Inbox. After the printing, the Donors/Sponsors names & Bills will be uploaded on our Blog

In the Reply we received this Donations

7,000 MM Ji

5,000 Vivek Sinha Ji

5,000 Sunny Toor Ji

22,00 Umesh Sethi Ji

1,000 K Srihar Ji

5,000 Ravinder Nath ji

1,000 Anup Chakarwarti ji

1,000 Davinder Kumar

   500 Nerul Ji 

27,700 Total Donation received till 13 March 2013

10,000 Color Posters sent for Printing . Scanned Copy of  Bills will be Updated also

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