Sunday, 29 July 2012

Funds we collected for Assam relief funds are-

1-20,000 Rs Cash- (Geeta Calony,Delhi.donor dont want to publish his name)

2-1,000 Rs Cash (Shri Anurag ram ji, khurja)

3-2,500 Rs Cash(Shri Shivam Sharma,Dawarka,Delhi)

4-5,000 Rs Cash(Shri Shekhar Sharma,Rohini)

5-5,200 Rs Cash(USA,donor dont want to publish his name)

6-3800 Rs Cash(Rohit Sharma,Sunnyvale, California, US)

7-15,00 Rs Cash(Namit Khandelwal,Fremont, California, US)

8-3,000 Rs Cash(Punita Chettiar,UAE)

Total Collection=42,000 Rs Cash

                                        Purchased Medicine=19,925
       Banners we create for Donations appeal=2600 Rs

   clothes collected from Nizzamudding Station-1100
              Fare from Nizzamuddin to BSKS office- 800
                                                   Labor Charges-400
                                Re Packing of Clothes-      1000
Fare from BSKS Office to New Delhi station-       600
                                         Packing of Medicines- 700
                                Railway Fare- 3500+2500=6000


This is the scan copy of Bill of medicines we purchased.The market price of this medicines are 1,37,355 rs ,after the discount we purchased this in 19,925 rs.

More Medicines ordered by us, will be upload all details on blog & Page also