Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Please Register Yourself for Free Self Defense Classes (For Girls )


  1. very good initiative. i hope that maximum number of women take advantage of it.

    please track the experience of the women, one month after the program to know the change they experience.


  2. here comes another small clip of mine from a full length play "Saheed Bhagat Singh". Playing the character of Asfaq ullah Khan .This Scenes takes place in the Jail .In conversation with Tasadduq Hussain, Who is trying to convince me against Ram Prasad Bismil .Please have a look .Please excuse for the video quality, the video was not taken by any professional .Your comments are always welcome!!! Please click on the link:

  3. Here comes the Part - 7 of the full length play "Shaheed Bhagat Singh " .

    Actors in this Scene :

    Vijay Badlani As Chandra Shekahar azaad
    Lokesh Nalwa As Bhagat Singh
    Lokesh G. As Bismil
    Anand Jaiswal as Ashfaqulla Khan

    Directed by Mujeeb Khan

    Check out the Link :