Wednesday, 6 June 2012

PIL in Delhi High Court against song of Shanghai "Bharat Mata Ki Jai"

Delhi High Court rejected the PIL against song "Bharat Mata Ki Jai" where Bharat Mata was shown as home of Dengue Malaria and was compared to Gobar (Animal Waste), saying that the freedom of speech is guaranteed and there is nothing wrong even if such words are used against Bharat Mata.

Our Lawyer Mr. Vikas Padora informed the Court that criticisms can be only be directed against the Govt or the System and their actions or inactions, but such criticism cannot be against Mother-land/Bharat-Mata, and the Nation cannot be insulted on international levels. He added, once Bharat-Mata is compared to our real biological mothers, then only the pain of a true patriot could be understood. He added that the song is an insult to Bharat-Mata which the symbol of our great freedom struggle where our forefathers laid down their lives, and the song has brought disgrace to the emotions and feelings of every Indian, and more particularly Indian Army who have this term "Bharat Mata Ki Jai" always on their lips. Even after the PIL was dismissed, our Lawyer informed the Court in sympathetic manner "I wish to inform this Hon'ble Court and everyone, If there is a concept of Nation, there has to be concept of Nationalism, and If there is concept of Patriot, There must be concept of Patriotism, and Today the idea of Patriotism has failed, and failed miserably"

It is disappointing that today 'Right to Speech' has won over the "Right to protect the Honour of our Mother"

We all are sad, but this is not the end of the road. The struggle will go, and go on for ever. This time the struggle is against out own countrymen who have lost the sense of love for nation and who have forgotten the value and significance of term "Bharat-Mata"

Reminds me again and again, and wish I could remind everyone:
"Jab Zero Diya Mere Bharat Ne
Duniya Ko Tab Ginti Aayi
Taaron Kee Bhasha Bharat Ne
Duniya Ko Pahale Sikhlayi
Deta Naa Dashamlav Bharat To
Yu Chaand Pe Jaanaa Mushkil Tha
Dharti aur Chaand ki Doori Ka
Andaza Lagana Mushkil Tha
Sabhyata Jaha Pehle Aayi
Pehle Janmi thi Jaha pe Kala
Apna Bharat Wo Bharat Hai
Jiske Pichhe ye Sansaar Chala
Sansaar chala aur chalta he raha
Chalta he raha, aur aage Bada
Bhagawaan Kare Ye Aur Badhe
Badhata He Rahe aur Fuule Fale"

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  1. its sad when people claiming to be patriots scoop down to such levels to generate 'media attention' ...their only claim to flame is slapping a defenseless lawyer..they suffer from a misplaced sense of 'nationalism' that can only be satisfied by carrying out sensational threats.